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Publicado el 26 agosto, 2005

The videoposts player is like a TV screen which displays a static image. If readers decide to watch the video, they can press play and, if they get bored, they can press stop or pause. All of this without having to wait or downloads.

Valencia en Fallas
If you wish to publish videoposts on your weblog, first you should consult your hosting service. Mine didn’t have any objections. You don’t need a streaming server.
Below, you can download the flash module in the form of a TV screen which we have prepared:

>> Download player (.zip, 28 KB)

Extract the files from the .zip and upload it to your server. You will only need to do this once, even if you publish more videoposts.
In order to convert videos to .flv format, you can use:

When the video you have recorded is ready, upload it to your server.
The code which you will need to copy and paste in order to insert the visor with the video in the videopost is:

License of use
If you use the flash module, it would be nice if you mentioned tintachina and El Hombre que Comía Diccionarios and linked us :-). And if you carry out any improvements (by adding sound control, forward and rewind buttons, direct links to other videos or fragments) Please share them!
Don’t be bashful and send us the address (url) of your first videopost in the comments page so that we can all watch them!
Gracias Jason. ¡Pásalo bien en México!

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  1. Jason dice:

    De nada güey! 🙂 Seguro que me lo pasaré padrísimo! Cuando regrese de México, ya platicaremos y te contaré qué onda…Ya tomaré unos cuantos tragos de tequila a vuestra salud en el DF y Acapulco…no es por darte envidia 🙂

  2. tintachina dice:

    ¡¡¡No olvides traerme unos pesos!!!

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